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iExplorer 4.6.1 Crack Plus Torrent

iexplorer Crack

iExplorer Crack is an application that you can use to convert multiple media from one device to another if you want to convert songs or images from any links or videos or documents from mobile to the system you can transfer them. This app will be helpful in the situation where you have to restore the mobile to make an update or if you have to update the system then you will not need to delete the important data but you can select the data which you want to save and then you can transfer you will not need to any type of devices like data cable or USB or card but you can do this transfer process easier.

Uses of this app:

You can copy the music or iTunes from an iPad or iPhone then you can transfer it to a similar device. The app also permits you to transfer voicemail important emails to different plugins or server setups or you can do this process with a click or in seconds. You cannot only transfer files or documents or images. However, if you want to transfer an important account from mobile to the system you can transfer it. If you are also searching history on mobile. You may want to copy the search history and also convert it to a PC. Then this app can also permit you. You can copy it and can paste the history into the new device.


  • If you are purchasing a new phone and you want to get a backup of your account. Because you have important groups. The app will then give you the option to get the previous account with a click.
  • If you have text messages from different clients or some of these types of important messages and you also want to keep them saved then you can also convert the messages.

iexplorer Crack

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  • If you want to split the data into different partitions before the conversation. Then you will not need to convert it into other apps for splitting but you can use the tools of this app. You can divide the data into different partitions and then you can convert it by integrating it or also in the form of a partition.


You can transfer data in fully protected or easy ways:

This app will give you easy ways to transfer data or you can transfer the data in a protected way when you will convert the data from mobile to system or system to mobile that’s not mean may some hackers or may some viruses damage the quality of your data. But this app will keep your data saved from these types of problems.

This is a fully organized app:

If you transfer data from one device to another that does not mean it may mix your important files. However, you can transfer the data in a fully manageable or organized way. Then you will see your data in the new devices in the management form you will not need to arrange the data. But this app will arrange the data. you will not need to explore any type of data. But you can get the data or you can find the data easily.


This app will allow you to convert even the history of previous calls. You can use the new device some as you are using the old device.  If you have any important books in audio if you have an important calendar with the proper date. If you have any reminders and you are changing devices. Then you can also convert all these things into new devices with the selected date of events or reminders.

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